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We have offered a variety of services over the years, and what our experience has taught us will probably not surprise you.  We've found that if we can help a company take the steps that lead to positive cash flow, help the executives rise above the trees so they can see the forest, and help senior management develop new leaders so they will be ready to take on more responsibility as the company grows, almost everything else will take care of itself.  For those reasons, the following are our primary services.  It's true we will work with you in whatever way you desire, but the following are the areas where we feel we can be the most helpful to (and the least intrusive in) your company.

Strategic Planning


The trick to strategic planning is ensuring that what you need to work on is what you're actually working on.  I've heard several people ask, "Do you work on the easy things on your to do list first, so you can check more things off the list, or do you take on the hard things so you're sure they get done?"  The correct answer is neither -- or both.

     We don't select what we do based on whether it's easy or hard, quick or lengthy, fun or boring.  We work on things that bring us closer to our ultimate goal.  Those things that will have the biggest impact on our goals we do first, and those that will have a smaller and smaller impact get pushed farther and farther down the line. 

     What that ensures is that every minute we spend working in our businesses is drawing us closer to where we are trying to get.  We have years of experience helping exeuctives decide which tasks are most important and which can wait.  If you feel like you're spinning your wheels all the time, or like you're not really maximizing your potential, let us help you see things through different eyes.  Usually, that's all it takes.  

Executive Coaching


The problem with some executive coaches is that they want to re-create you in their likeness and image -- they want you to do it their way.  They have all the answers and you're a fool if you don't do it their way.

     Our philosophy is you already have a leadership style that works for you. Through asking thought-provoking questions and helping walk you through possible scenarios, we'll show you how to apply your goals and your methods more effectively.  Our goal is never to have you do things our way.  Our goal is to create an environment where your goals and your leadership style will meld into one super-sharply focused picture.

     People often whant to know what it is we help executives with.  The answer is simple:  we'll help with whatever you need.  If you need help motivating employees, we'll help with that.  If you need help with figuring out how to manage change, we can help with that.  If have questions about how to work more effectively with your team, we can help there too.  In short, we'll help you with whatever you need in the way that suits you best.  In the end, what matters is that you reach your goals. 

Leadership Development


At Tecoris Management Group we have a passion for developing leaders from within. We've all had that experience with hiring someone from outside and (despite our best intentions and theirs) it just isn't a fit.  We lose time, money, energy, productivity and everything else.

     When you promote from within, you know what you've got.  You know the strengths, you know the weaknesses, you know the personality quirks.  You also have some idea as to the aptitude of the person and what you would need to do to bring them up to speed.

     Executives who don't believe in developing leaders from within will tell you it takes too long to prepare someone.  I would say that's true, if you don't start working with people until the day you need them.  But if you have a leadership development plan in place, when you need the leadership, they'll be ready.

     The key is deciding who to groom and for what position and then what steps to take to see that they're ready.  We have decades of experience helping develop leaders from within.  Let us help you decide how it would work in your business.

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