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Another Step In The Journey

Over the last several years I have found I derive much more satisfaction out of mentoring others than I do from building a business myself. As part of that self-discovery I did a stint at Brigham Young University in Rexburg Idaho as a professor of entrepreneurship. Teaching others about entrepreneurship was gratifying in some ways, but it was really quite frustrating in others.

The problem with teaching in a setting like that is two fold. First, almost everyone is more interested in how they’re going to get a good grade in your class, than what you have to teach. Second, and I think almost more important to me, is the fact that you never deal in reality in that setting — you deal in theory. It’s hard for most people (me included) to get very excited about something that doesn’t matter. Yes, theoretical situations are a good way to explore things, but since it doesn’t really matter to anyone, who really cares? I found that I didn’t, and I moved on.

After BYU-I, I involved myself in growing other businesses, but found I really don’t have the “fire in the belly” for it I once did. But what I did realize is that I love watching (and even more-so, helping) other leaders develop and grow. I have always had a penchant for hiring young leaders who have the talent and the drive, but not the experience. I have always enjoyed helping them to reach their full potential. That has been especially true with young entrepreneurs. Watching them develop wisdom and judgement with each experience is incredibly exciting to me.

Over the last couple of years I’ve come to the realization that coaching is what I really want to do. It checks all the boxes for me. It is real business, with real people, with real problems, with real consequences. Those real-life situations provide incredible teaching opportunities at every turn. Plus there’s something magical about watching a capable, but not-yet-seasoned leader emerge from a difficult situation stronger and wiser.

There’s no question about it. For me, helping others reach their dreams is much more gratifying than reaching my own. And yet, even as I say that, I know it’s not exactly true. Helping others is my dream. So when I help others reach their goals and dreams, I’m reaching my own at the same time. It’s a true win — win.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I have received numerous requests from clients and former followers of my blog to start writing again. So here I am. The blog provides a way to help everyone learn from experiences I’m having with one person. Hopefully learning from someone else’s mistakes will reduce the number of mistakes you make yourself. And the beauty of it all is these are not theoretical problems. These are real-life, current, meaningful business challenges.

If you would like me to respond to a business challenge you’ve faced, send me note and I’ll do my best to get it in. It’s great when we can all learn together. And chances are, if you’re having problems with something someone else is (or will) too. So let me know and we’ll work together on this.

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