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Meet The Team


At Tecoris Management Group we understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs.  We have spent our lives working for and with other entrepreneurs.  We understand your challenges and we understand your needs.  We have been where you're currently sitting and we've faced what you're currently facing.  If you feel like you could benefit from talking to someone who understands, please give us a call and let's set up a time when we can get together and talk about how we can help you.

Allan Webb

Founder & Co-Director


Allan Webb is a seasoned entrepreneur who brings four decades of experience in startups and growth-mode companies.  Allan's specialties include team-building and helping entrepreneurs bring their businesses into a positive cash flow situation in the quickest possible way.  Having worked with over 50 companies in his career, most of them startups or growth phase companies, gives Allan a unique ability to help you identify and resolve those things that are holding your company back.  Allan's experience includes starting his own companies, helping others start and grow theirs, and as an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Brigham Young University Idaho, helping young, aspiring entrepreneurs make their first successful forays into entrepreneurship.


Anthony Webb



Anthony Webb is a serial entrpreneur who specializes in building and selling tech companies.  In the last ten years he has built and sold five companies.  He has a gift of  being able to see clearly those things that are anything but clear to those around him.  His ability to think out of the box has allowed him to come up with incredibly creative solutions to long-standing problems.  Anthony started his career as software engineer, but has studied software/hardware integration extensively as well.  This experience gives him a unique perspective on management problems that are caused by tech issues.  He has the ability to see how technology can most effectively be used in solving day to day challenges.  He is also an expert at data collection and data analysis.


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